Floral Story


Indoor plants that will uplift your mood & environment 

Plants are capable of taking you out of sadness and uplifting your mood. Plants are the natural sources that radiate positive vibes. Some people even initiate a conversation with plants. Plants can listen to everything and radiate that kind of energy. Even flowers are known to make people feel merrier due to their beauty and colors. 

A study conducted in 2007 says that plant soil contains a bacterium within it that is responsible for triggering serotonin release. Serotonin is a kind of bacterium that boosts mood and tends to decrease stress. Even science agrees with the fact that flowers open the door to happiness. 

Mentioned below are some of the indoor plants that will never fail to cheer you up! 

1. Single Stamp Orchid white plant 

The white orchid flower is so delicate and beautiful. The white orchid is the symbol of elegance as well as luxury. The Orchid flower is powerful enough to bring calm, peace, and relaxation to your home. Orchids are known to bring all the good things. 

2. Double Stamp Orchid white plant 

One orchid brings so much good luck and optimism. Imagine what two orchids would do! These double orchid white flowers are beautiful as anything. 

3. Three dozen tulips in a vase 

The tulips display deep love. Tulips are available in multiple colors that enhance the vibrance in the house. Tulips make an individual feel joyful with their beautiful shades. 

So bring these plants to your home and witness the magic.