Mix Hand-Bouquet


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Mix Hand-Bouquet

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Add the Mix Hand-Bouquet to cart and proceed to checkout function at the top bottom navigation.

Proceed to check out and add your delivery or billing address and place your order now.

Mix Hand-Bouquet.

I’ts one of our specials, Yellow, Red, Purple & white roses in about long bouquet.

All the petals are fresh, unpreserved with the very natural scent.

Our florists put all the detail in making sure they produce the finest bouquets.


Mix Hand-Bouquet Delivery.

We receive and process orders for flowers ordered online or any other channel plus sales at the physical store.

We deliver them fresh, under refrigeration and on time.

The outstanding petals arranged artistically impressive.

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You can order at any time in any quantity.

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Customize Orders.

You can now start a whatsApp chat instantly and make a custom your order.

Tell us about the exact details you need from over hundreds of flower species today.

Order a Mix Hand-Bouquet According to gender, Occasion, relation, zodiac, Impression, Size or Feeling.

Add a Perfume, cake, Teddy Bears or any other form of gift all From Floral Story.

The delivery is free and express on all orders.

Check out other Mix Hand-Bouquet arrangements and choose your custom colors, size and feeling.

Our esteem comes right from delivering fresh cut high-end petals to every customer request.

Value for money and tailoring all your feelings in a bouquet.


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