Top 5 best Gourmet and cakes shops in UAE 

Only some rare kind of people would be there who don’t like gourmet food and cakes. Gourmet food includes food that is of high quality and requires an expert for its preparation. 

People are always in search of good shops that sell excellent quality gourmet products as well as cakes. Here we present to you the top 5 best shops for gourmet products and cakes in the UAE. 

1. Mister Bakers 

Mister Bakers sells such realistic designed customized cakes that don’t even look like a cake at the first sight! Mister Bakers sells customized cakes that will never fail to make your birthday special. The most impressive customized cakes of mister bakers include squid game cake, spiderman tall kit cake, jungle friends cake, and many more. Along with this, regular cakes such as red velvet cake, chocolate truffle cake, etc are also available at Mister Bakers. 

2. Floral Shop 

As the name says, the floral shop provides vibrant gourmet products and cakes. The gourmet products by floral shops are eye-catching. The floral shop sells products like berry springs, snow-white berries, milk strawberries, celebration Oreos, and chocolate bars and the list is never-ending. The products are not only tasty but unique too. 

Even the names of the gourmet products are kept according to their appearance. 

3. Datu Bakery 

Datu Bakery never lets its customers down. Datu Bakery provides some beautiful customized cakes to make your birthday even more memorable. Datu bakery deals with customers of more than 30 nationalities. Along with cakes, Datu manufactures desserts, bread, and a variety of cold and hot drinks. What makes Datu bakery unique is its red velvet touch and collection of cake jars. 

4. Maison Duffour 

Maison Daffour is a gourmet grocery store. Maison Daffour is as popular as anything. The store sells the best gourmet products that include cooked ham France, corn fed chicken fillet, Magret duck breast, Black Angus beef patty, and the list goes on. The best part of Maison Daffour is that it is available for the customers 24 hours and it delivers throughout the UAE. 

5. Grand Gourmet Grocer 

Grand Gourmet Grocer sells some mouth-watering products such as Wild seafood, Premium meat, famous Wellington, and so many more. Grand Gourmet Grocer provides catering on occasions too. Also, Grand Gourmet Grocer wins hearts by providing offers on gourmet products.