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Floral Shop UAE offers a stunning array of rose bouquets in various colors and sizes, each symbolizing different emotions. From the deep love of red roses to the softness of pink, we have it all. Our selected roses are long-lasting and suitable for any occasion. You can now personalize your gift with flowers, chocolates, and more for occasions like Valentine’s Day,  weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and many others. We ensure timely, beautiful deliveries, promising your order looks just as exquisite as expected. Express your feelings with roses; order now and surprise your loved ones in the UAE with a single click.

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Buy the Best Rose Flower Bouquets Online with Hassle-free Delivery

At the Floral Shop UAE online store, we offer a variety of options when it comes to rose bouquets. With the sizes, colors, and types of roses available, you will find the rose bloom that suits your taste and conveys the right emotion for any occasion.

Roses are incredibly popular worldwide. Remain a choice for crafting stunning bouquets. We also offer a variety of rose flower arrangements, including bouquets, vases, flower boxes, gift baskets, and even a delicacy of chocolates in combo and customization offers.

Roses: A full spectrum of colors

At Floral Story, you can find various color spectrums of roses. Each and every color carries its own symbolism and many more emotions or feelings that people want to convey to their loved ones by gifting these beautiful roses.

Red rose:

We offer an extensive range of red roses in a beautifully arranged bouquet with different types of classical wraps to make it more outstanding. In addition to red rose bouquets, vases, boxes, and mixed flower bouquets with highlighted red ones are also available.

Red roses are highly popular for signifying deep, passionate, and true love because of their bright color, which reflects heart-to-heart connections. This is the most demanded flower in the celebrations of Valentine's Day.

Pink rose:

In addition to more colors, the pink rose represents softness and care. Therefore, it is often suggested as a present to girls and women, either to their mothers or girlfriends.

Blue rose:

The blue rose evokes a sense of mystery. It looks so soothing and gives a kind of coolness to the eye. The blue rose bouquet is very stunning, even solely in a bouquet, and it also adds a special grace if added to or combined with other colors of roses or flowers.

White rose:

The white rose bouquet is counted among the classy bouquets and gives a feeling of richness. These flowers represent purity and innocence, which enrich the bond and relationship with love. The classic white rose is at the top of the list for weddings and anniversaries, whether it is presented to the bride as a gift or used as the theme of decorations.

Orange rose:

The orange rose gives off the essence of one-sided love and conveys a special kind of passion for something. These orange-colored rose blooms are generously gifted to our friends, teachers, dedicators, and special role models.

Purple rose:

The purple roses give off the essence of royalty and add grace to the bouquet, vase, or wherever they are used. These blooms are the best option as a gift or present to the male best friends or to the Fiance. These options of different symbolism allow customers to convey their feelings and emotions through the choice of roses they select.

On top of that, roses are not only picked up for their symbolic representation but also for their enhanced durability. Roses are easy to cultivate and take care of, and they also have a longer life than other blooms because they do not perish quickly.

The roses at Floral Shop UAE used for making floral arrangements are carefully hand-picked from farms. These blooms' availability in a spectrum of colors makes them stand out for various occasions, so customers can make them fit their wants and styles. Also, one can customize the gift and bouquets with their choice of flowers; customers can even pair the bouquet of flowers with other gift options such as cakes, soft toys, and perfumes.

Why to Buy from Floral Story

As an online florist, we give our full essence to making your order beautifully arranged and delivered within time. The products are handled very deliberately with extensive care, and we also promise that every item will look exactly like the one you ordered. Roses from Floral Shop UAE are a great way to capture the essence of any special moment, whether it's a romantic event or a sincere way to show love and care. In addition to rose flower bouquets, we offer various options. We, as an established online florist, also provide various gift options, which you can easily pair with the floral arrangements to give your order an impressive look.

Rose Vases:

The vases are also an optimal choice among gifting options, as they serve the purpose of being long-lived, which also refreshes the memory of the person from time to time and creates a stronger bond and relationship.

Boxes of roses:

We, as experts in making the best floral arrangements, also provide boxes that are full of flowers with a safe structure of paper cardboard. The box keeps the blooms safe and organized. In addition to that, the boxes are available in a variety of shapes, like squares, circles, and hearts.

Baskets of Red Rose Flowers:

Flower baskets are also part of our variety of product offerings. You can make the basket customized according to your choice and add a delicious delicacy of chocolates and sweets to it. The basket is a gracious choice to congratulate them and to bless them with the sweetness of love and care.

Rose Bouquet with Cakes:

The delicacy of cake is also one of the perfect complements to bouquets. It adds a taste of sweetness to your relationship and makes your bond stronger. We offer a selection of cakes for events, whether it's a birthday, wedding, or any special occasion. You can choose from designs like flower bouquets, dream themes, jungle themes, and more.

Combos with roses:

We also have a variety of combos that include flower bouquets, bloom baskets, cakes, and other gifts. These combos are a way to express your care and make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Additionally, we offer products that can be customized according to your needs. If you want to create a gift or floral arrangement for an event or as a one-of-a-kind present, please contact Floral Shop UAE.

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