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Flower Bouquet Prices in Dubai: Factors, Types, and Seasonality

When purchasing floral bouquets in Dubai, the bouquet prices can depend on a number of factors. Dubai is known for its lively floral market that provides options that meet different budgets and occasions.

Here are some key aspects that can impact a bouquet’s price:

Types of Flowers

The type of flowers chosen to create the bouquet plays a pivotal role in setting its price. Exotic or rare blooms tend to cost more than common varieties such as roses, lilies, and orchids, which offer multiple price options.

Flower Type Average Price (in AED)
Roses 37 – 74 AED
Lilies 56 – 93 AED
Tulips 44 – 67 AED
Orchids 74 – 111 AED
Sunflowers 30 – 56 AED
Carnations 37 – 74 AED
Daisies 37 – 67 AED
Gerbera Daisies 44 – 81 AED
Peonies 93 – 130 AED
Hydrangeas 67 – 104 AED

Bouquet Prices

The size and fullness of a bouquet play an important role in its cost; typically larger arrangements containing more flowers will cost more than smaller arrangements that contain less flowers.

Bouquet Type Average Price (USD) Average Price (AED)
Red Rose Bouquet $25 – $40 92 – 247 AED
Mixed Flower Bouquet $30 – $50 110 – 189 AED
Lily and Orchid Bouquet $35 – $60 128 – 220 AED
Sunflower Bouquet $20 – $35 71 – 128 AED
Wedding Bouquet $50 – $100 184 – 368 AED
Seasonal Flower Bouquet $25 – $45 92 – 165 AED
Gerbera Daisy Bouquet $30 – $55 110 – 202 AED
Luxury Rose Bouquet $60 – $120 220 – 441 AED

Please note that these bouquet prices are only estimates and can vary depending on various factors, such as the size of the bouquet, the type and quantity of flowers used, and any additional decorations or special requests. 


Flower availability can depend upon their season of cultivation; flowers that are in season tend to be more affordable, while those grown from imported seeds or greenhouse cultivation may come at a higher cost.

Here’s a list of some seasonal flowers

Season Seasonal Flowers
Spring Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Cherry Blossoms
Summer Sunflowers, Dahlias, Lilies, Zinnias
Autumn Chrysanthemums, Marigolds, Asters, Pansies
Winter Poinsettias, Camellias, Winter Jasmine, Paperwhites

Please note that the availability of these seasonal flowers can vary depending on your location and climate. It’s always a good idea to check with your local florist or garden center for specific recommendations based on your area’s seasonal patterns.

Floral Arranging

The complexity of floral arrangements can have an effect on their price, with intricate designs, unique patterns, or custom-made bouquets often commanding higher costs than standard arrangements.

Additional Elements

Some bouquets include additional elements like decorative ribbons, vases, or foliage that may add an additional cost component.

Flower Shop

Different florists in Dubai may offer various price structures and quality standards, with high-end florists usually charging more for their expertise and premium flowers.

Delivery charges in Dubai

When placing orders to be delivered to specific locations within Dubai, keep in mind that delivery charges may vary based on factors like distance and urgency of delivery.

At Floral Story, we adhere to providing same day free delivery when you are sending a flower bouquet in Dubai, be it for planned or last-minute shopping.

Prices may vary for Special Occasions

Flower bouquet prices can fluctuate during special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or major holidays when demand for them increases drastically.

To obtain accurate pricing for flower bouquets in Dubai, it’s advisable to visit local flower shop, browse Online Flower Shop, or contact them directly with your preferences and requirements in mind. Keep in mind that Floral Story provides a range of budget-friendly bouquets in Dubai as well as extravagant floral arrangements, so there will be something suitable for both taste and budget!

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