Choose the perfect wrapping for a stunning arrangement

How to choose the perfect wrapping for a stunning arrangement?

A flower arrangement is an art whose practice started 500 years ago with the Japanese Ikebana. And we believe it will be passed down through the next generation as per its importance in our daily ceremonies.

A stunning flower arrangement does not only come from the bunch of flowers but, most importantly, from the final touch: The wrapping.

bunch of red roses - a beautiful flower bouquet

The wrapping plays an important dual role. As the finest touch, revealing the beauty of the created flower art and as a protective layer during transportation and exposition of nature elements. Hence these important questions:

How many types of wrapping are there? How to choose the suitable one? 

In the flower industry, several flower wrapping materials can be categorized into three (03) parts:

  1. Cellophane Wrapping
  2. Paper wrapping
  3. Fabric wrapping

1. Cellophane Wrapping

The cellophane wrapping is a mil thick clear material made of cellophane, hence the name. It has been used since, for edible delicacies, like cookies and nuts.

  • Nowadays, its use in the flower industry is due to its benefits. 
  • Transparency, allowing good visibility of the flowers. It is suitable for arrangements that are intended for exhibition or gift.  
  • Protection, allowing a good cover against the most foes of flowers, moisture and damage during transportation. 
  • Waterproof and  Suitable for creating designs.

However, cellophane does not fit every arrangement because it prevents good ventilation for the flower and causes wilting or developing mould. 

2. Paper wrapping

Primarily composed of forestry materials found in nature, Paper wrapping has got popularity in the industry of flowers. It offers a large range of benefits: 

Antipolo bouquet with paper wrapping

  • Reusable: due to its main component, fiber (from wood), paper wrapping is recyclable and is used over and over 
  • Branding: By printing directly on paper, it is very suitable for displaying the brand and logo. And hence, good visibility.  
  • Versatile: it offers unique aesthetics in combination with other materials. And it influences customers’ decisions. Per a national study conducted by the Paper and Packaging Board and IPSOS, 7 in 10 consumers – 72% – reported that packaging design could influence whether they purchase a product, and 83% said that paper and cardboard design could be innovative.
  • In addition, 63% of consumers said that paper and cardboard packaging makes a product seem premium or high quality.
  • Diversity. It came in different colors and patterns making it popular among consumers. 

Still, paper wrapping may not be suitable for all flower arrangements, especially those with delicate petals.  It also offers less protection during transportation. And as a result, it may cause damage to the flowers.  

3. Fabric wrapping

Due to its sophistication, fabric wrapping is a luxurious option for flower arrangements. Fabric wrapping adds elegance. This feature in various textures and colors allows the fabric wrapping to match almost any arrangement and occasion.  

Nevertheless, fabric wrapping may not be perfect as it can be heavy and bulky. It is also a limited option for outdoor events and long-distance transportation. 

So, how to choose the perfect wrapping for a stunning arrangement?

While choosing to wrap, some aspects need to be considered: the type of flower, the occasion/ Event (indoor or outdoor), the theme color and the transportation method. For an indoor event or celebration, paper wrapping will be the best t option. At the same time, cellophane and fabric come first for delicate flowers, and long-distance transportation will be involved.

 Color and texture also play an important role as they relate to emotions and feelings. For example, romantic celebrations require soft, delicate colors, while festivals will go for more vibrant colors.

In conclusion, flower arrangement is an art of beauty and choosing the wrapping is the key element that completes the elegance and magnificence of the arrangement. Each wrapping material we mentioned above has its benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, it is up to the florist to consider the type of flowers, the occasion and the transportation method to create his masterpiece.

The perfect wrapping paper for a stunning arrangement is the selected paper material that the florist picks by appealing to his imagination and creativity to deliver the appropriate feeling into the recipient’s heart through his masterpiece.

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Published By Amesse Shepherd

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