Top 7 Problems of cut roses and How to Overcome?

The Top 7 Problems of Cut Roses and How to Overcome Them?

The world is full of species and wonders. Some are well-known while others are yet to be discovered. And among these natural beauties, is the world of garden plants.

There are 400,000 types of flowering plants around the world. While some are much more common than others, with some growing only in certain climate conditions. Some are also commonly found in gardens, while others are popular additions to stunning flower arrangements. And it is in all their midst that stands the most popular garden plant in the world: Rose.

red roses and hypericum

Named Queen of the Flowers, the Rose is the most essential garden flower in the world due to its common use in the domain of flower arrangements. Roses are primed in making gorgeous bouquets as they exist in different varieties. However, you may be facing Top 7 Problems of Cut Roses while dealing with them.

Here are the top 7 problems of cut roses and how to overcome them


1. Bent neck

It is a problem that occurs when air bubbles form in the stem preventing water and flower food from reaching the bloom. It is also a result of improper cutting practices. The simplest way to prevent a bent neck is following the proper care of cut flowers, which is re-cut the stem with a sharpened tool at least 1 inch and place the roses in a vase filled with clean water. And then store them at the appropriate temperature cold room.

2. Rotted Heads

It is recognised by the rot or decay at the bloom or head of roses. It is mainly caused by bacterial or fungal infections. And as its cause is mainly from bacterial and infectious sources; maintaining cleanliness and providing proper hydration, you can be sure to prevent rotting and prolong the freshness of your cut roses.

3. Blooming too-fast

Cut roses opening to fast have different causes.

  • Rose too mature before being purchased: They have passed their prime time already before you got them from your florist.
  • Temperature:  A high-temperature related environment encourages cut roses to bloom faster, especially in warm water.
  • Fast-opened varieties:  Some varieties of roses open faster than others.

To slow down this process, you will need to ask your florist for slow open varieties and put them into the refrigerator (remember to separate them from fruits and vegetables to reduce exposure to ethylene, the natural gas produced by ripe fruits) to hydrate them. Avoid direct sunlight exposure and last but not least, hydrate them in a clean vase with cool or lukewarm water.

4. Not blooming

The fact that your cut roses do not bloom after being cut may be because of these three factors:

  • Immature buds. It happens when buds are cut earlier before having the chance to fully develop or open. 
  • Lack of proper hydration and 
  • Environmental conditions 

To deal with this issue, you will need to make sure that roses have been freshly cut in a diagonal, and put in a clean vase filled with room temperature water. Remember, to add floral preservatives to the water to provide nutrients and inhibit bacterial growth.

In addition, you will need to consider not exposing the cut roses to direct sunlight, but rather adequate bright room and good airflow. If you have 

followed these instructions and they still failed to bloom, it may be possible that there is an underlying issue with the roses themselves. In such cases, it may be best to consult with a local florist or expert for further assistance and advice. 

5. Soft heads

In case the heads of your cut rose are soft and drooping, you will need to consider these few potential issues: dehydration, bacterial or fungal infection, environmental stress such as extreme temperatures, high humidity and exposure to ethylene.

Hence to deal with such a scenario, you will need to give proper care to your cut roses by regularly changing the water and retrim the stems to keep and maintain freshness. Keep them in a shaded and cool place, and use clean vases.

6. Discolored flowers

Discolored flowers phenomena is one of the flowers’ disease that is revealed or noticed when it is already at the advanced stage. Therefore to prevent it for happening, it is very crucial to pay attention to your flowers. 

Flowers discoloration can occur from:

– Nutrients deficiencies. Lack of iron, magnesium or nitrogen can lead to flower to discolor.

Therefore you will need a balanced fertilizer to provide necessary nutrients to your flowers and maintain their overall health.

– Exposure to direct sunlight is also one of the causes of flower discoloration. In this case, shaded location is the best for your cut roses.

– Watering issue: overwatering or under watering also lead to flower discoloration. It is very suitable to follow the proper watering practice and avoid water logging the soil.

7. Early Petals Drop

This is referred to as the flower petals falling off prematurely. And it causes by:

Poor watering practices – Under watering or inconsistent watering can lead to stress in cut roses, causing petals to drop early. Hence the best way to prevent it will be to ensure that your rose receives regular and adequate watering, especially during hot and dry periods.

– Avoid overwatering as it can lead to root rot and other issues that may cause petals to drop. 

– Excessive drafts or strong winds can also contribute to petal drop. Therefore, you need to avoid placing your cut roses or flowers in areas with strong airflow.

In conclusion, understanding and addressing diseases that affect roses is vital for maintaining the wealth and beauty of our beloved blooms. Throughout this article, we have explored the Top 7 Problems of Cut Roses and flowers as well as their potential causes from fungal infections and environmental stress to bacterial issues and inappropriate watering practices.

Prevention is key when it comes to managing flower diseases. By following and addressing proper care practices, such as providing adequate watering, maintaining good ventilation and using clean vases, you can minimize these diseases and therefore enjoy the reward of vibrant, healthy and long lasting blooming and beauty of your cut roses and arrangements. Embrace a holistic approach to flower care not only enhance the longevity of our beloved blooms, but also contribute to the enlightening of your house and offices, and fills the heart of your dearest with colourful vibration that they will carry alongside you on this journey of: Fill the world with love.


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