Tips for Sending Flowers to Loved Ones in Hospital

It is not a desire for anyone to stay at a hospital, but as far as a human being is concerned, no one escapes the fate of a life circle: sunshine and rain, joy and Pain in our life as well as our relatives and beloved ones. The maintenance of the immunity system requires updates; hence some visits to the healthcare department.

The news of one of our relatives or loved ones at the hospital is always full of feelings and we rush to be at their side. During that stay of your loved ones, they need care and attention. But sometimes, it cannot be due to some circumstances; still, we need and have to cheer them up. And the best way, a part of your presence by their side, to show them that you do care about them is: sending a flower arrangement. But before taking any action, some aspects need to be considered, because it is crucial to avoid health trouble with your gift as Hospitals often have certain restrictions and guidance regarding flowers deliveries.

And yet which type of flower arrangement will be appropriate? Which colour and how to convey your truthful feelings in the right circumstance? In this article,  know the tips for sending flowers to loved ones in Hospital!

Here are some tips for a good arrangement for hospitals:


1- Type of flowers

Patients at the hospital are already dealing with health issues, so it is very important to send only hypoallergenic and non-fragrant (as some patients might be very sensitive to allergies and strong smell) flowers such as:
Roses: They don’t need any more to be introduced. Classic and elegant, roses come in various colours and convey meanings like joy, harmony, hope and balance between mind and body.
Sunflowers: These bright and vibrant flowers symbolize happiness and positivity, making them a great choice to lift someone’s spirits. Know More!
Asiatic lilies: A symbol of life and good fortune, the Asiatic lily with its bright trumpet-shaped flower provides a brilliant contrast especially when opened.
Orchids: Orchids are elegant and exotic, representing beauty and strength. They are long lasting flowers and generally well-received in hospitals.
Daffodils: Symbolizing a new beginning and rebirth, daffodil with their bright yellow petals also represents hope and they can be a good choice for illumination of the soul of your beloved one.
Carnation: With long-lasting bloom, carnations are available in various colours and represent love and admiration. Read More!
Tulips: Popular spring flowers, tulips represent love, caring, sunshine and hope. Read More!


2- Colour

The flower colour plays a crucial role in a patient’s room. The reason why you are sending the flowers is to cheer them up. Hence, warm and vibrant colours are the best choices: white, orange and yellow like yellow chamomile flowers, and sunflower. Bright and cheery hues tend to revitalize the spirits and make your beloved cheerier.


3- Low maintenance

Pick flowers with minimal care and maintenance and long-lasting after-cut. The patient may not be able to tend to them regularly.


4- In season flower

Picking a flower that is in season, helps your beloved be connected to the world. With the flowers that are in bloom, you open their room’s window to the outside world. Surely to brighten their soul and boost their spirit.


5- Short and compact arrangement

Choose floral arrangements that are not too tall or elaborate as hospital rooms often have limited space. When our loved ones are facing hardship and pain, showing them our affection is a powerful force that strengthens our relationships and motivates us to reach new goals and pursue new dreams. One way to demonstrate our support is by sending a bouquet, which can bring comfort to their souls and aid in the healing process.


It’s important to remember to consider the hospital’s policies and the patient’s medical history before sending a bouquet. We wouldn’t want to inadvertently cause any negative reactions or setbacks, but instead contribute to their overall well-being and recovery.

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